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Youth Exchange

Activity Dates: 20-31 October 2019

Partner Countries: Malta, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey

Aim: During the activity schedule, after obtaining information about migration and the types of it, our main aims were investigating the reasons and results of migration, and its sphere of influence, the issue of migration and migrants in Turkey and Europe, migration policies in our partnering countries together with their negative and positive sides, working on being able to develop empathy towards migrants, examining the effects of Turkey's migrants policy in our partner countries and how the media and politicians depict it, conditions of migrants in Turkey, benefits of the migrants agreement between Turkey and EU and its perception in public, examining the migration policies in Turkey about the issue and the refugees, finding out what local community think about the issue, thinking about factors that affects our perception of migration and refugees, finding solution suggestions as many as possible about this issue that affects everyone in different ways by discussing the issue and applying those solutions.

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