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"We create a better world by one individual at a time."

TEAM MEMBERS: Ekiple Tanışın
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Project Coordinator

Gizem is graduated from the engineering faculty of Yıldız Technical University in 2017 and currently a master student of materials engineering at Istanbul Technical University. She was our Vice President until 2019. She is now a professional and is responsible from international projects and local campaigns and has lots of experience in Erasmus+ program and youth work. She loves Turkish coffee and always shares her positive energy around.

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Fatih, legal representative and president of FuturEurope has concrete experience in the Erasmus+ program and youth work. He is graduated from Boğaziçi University in the field of education in 2012. During his education, he had volunteer activities for youth. After graduation, he started working in different fields with youth for youth. He is mainly organizing international projects with the help of the Turkish team. He has experience as a facilitator, trainer, and content/project creator. He is the most serious person when needed and the funniest one in another moment.

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Vice President & Facilitator

Selim, 20 years old, young vice president of FuturEurope since 2019. He started volunteering in FuturEurope NGO in 2016 and joined and created many mobility activities. He is facilitating youth exchanges. He has really smart jokes, hard to understand in the first seconds, and lets you think a lot.

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Hilal is graduated from the Sociology department of Marmara University. She has been an active board member of FuturEurope since its birth and she helped the team manage several projects. She is a true cat lover. Everyone loves her cat, Madre. She is particularly interested in woman's rights, recycling, and handcraft. We define her as an artist since she is extremely talented in several kinds of art. Most importantly, we love her so much since she is always so positive.



Vice President

Adem is our Vice President since our birth. He is responsible for all logistics and finance of our local and international mobilities. He is the manager of the youth center of FuturEurope. He is always ready to make you smile with his positive jokes. If you do not know him yet, it will take only 2 minutes to feel like he is your close friend.

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Graphic Designer

Tunahan is graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, marketing department. From his volunteering day onwards, he has been the most active member of FuturEurope. He joined so many projects both in Turkey and abroad as he loves traveling and meeting new people. He is also very talented in drawing and digital design tools. He mainly works for designing the visuals of our international and local projects for all the sessions to have valuable visual materials for the dissemination part and final report of our project. He helps everyone who needs a hand.

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Project Manager

Rolands is an active volunteer of FuturEurope since 2016. He is responsible for the facilitation of Youth Exchanges and the social media management of FuturEurope during mobilities as he is managing his own digital marketing company's social media accounts. He is also the contact person of the international network in which FuturEurope is a member. He also creates digital materials of the mobilities. He has a great personality and always respectful of every single creature.



Team Member

Zeynep Deniz is studying environmental engineering at Marmara University. She is interested in recycling, cultural arts, and sport-related projects. She is a very energetic, positive, and friendly person and loves doing sport. She is a volleyball player for her faculty team. She takes active responsibilities during local and international mobilities of FuturEurope.

She will be responsible for ESC volunteers in Istanbul after 2021.

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Team Member

Barış is a mechanical engineering student at Sakarya University. He loves basketball and he was a professional basketball player for a long time. He joined many Erasmus+ projects as he loves meeting international people and exploring different cultures. He actively takes responsibility for logistics during FuturEurope mobilities. He is always ready to help his international friends with his smile and friendly face.

He will be responsible for ESC volunteers in Istanbul after 2021.

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Project Manager

Volkan is graduated from Boğaziçi University, history department. He is the name father of FuturEurope and a board member. He is mainly responsible for creating and checking the quality of mobility projects. He is interested in digital marketing, history, and exploring different cultures. Most importantly, he is our team’s reformer.

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Çağatay is an active member of FuturEurope since its birth. Erasmus+ projects and traveling are two of his hobbies that he is really passionate about. He has facilitated many Erasmus+ youth exchange projects in Turkey. As a representative of FuturEurope, he always looks forward to generating new ideas and taking action by bringing them to life, because his goal is to create a positive influence on the community and society as well as improve different aspects of it.

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Team Member

Elif is a class teacher at AKA College. She helps facilitators during international mobilities. She is mainly interested in digital education, children's rights, and street animals’ rights topics. She is always friendly and helpful. She loves animals and also has a dog, Cookie.

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Enes is a dentist. He has an amazing ability to act and interested in theatre. He was taking roles in his university. On the other hand, he is an active Erasmuser and attended over 10 projects both in Turkey and Europe. He focuses on topics like violence against women, sports, human rights, and all kinds of addiction problems. In FuturEurope he is responsible for helping project managers in youth exchanges and making all participants feel like a family. He thinks that the best projects are the projects in which all participants feel like a family. Most importantly, he is known as energetic, cheerful, humorous, and funny at the same time so he all the time makes our faces smiling.

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Tolga is a fresh graduate from the agriculture engineering faculty of 19 Mayıs University. He is a musician as well. He loves music and can't think of a life without it. He loves exploring new cultures, thus he joined many Erasmus+ projects. He is an active member of FuturEurope and always ready to help with any local and international activities. He takes mainly responsibilities related to logistics during international mobilities. He is truly a man of duty. Whatever the duty is, he will always be successful.




Aslı is an English teacher at Bahçeşehir College. She is also a master's student in early childhood education at Bahçeşehir University. She is our most free-spirited member ever. She always shares her smile with others and brings a positive mood everywhere. She has been helping project managers in some youth exchanges since 2015.

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Facilitator & ESC Responsible

Yavuz is an English teacher at Trabzon TED College. He is interested in human rights and cultural arts-related mobilities. He is a facilitator for youth exchanges. He has represented FuturEurope as a team leader many times in Europe. He is always a great friend and as close as a phone and ready to share your sadness and happiness. Thus, he will be responsible for ESC volunteers in Trabzon after 2021.

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Orienteering and Sport Trainer

Caner is an active volunteer and a super awesome facilitator of FuturEurope for sport related mobilities. He is a sport education teacher in Işık Schools. He became the champion for long distance Turkey Orienteering Championship race in 2012. He is a professional orienteering player. Nowadays, he is a managing orienteering projects for Ministry of Education.



Team Member

Onur is studying Radio, Cinema and Television at Yeditepe University. He is good at singing songs and playing instruments.  One of his dreams is traveling all over the world, meet people, and different cultures. He is responsible for cultural activities and logistics, connecting people, and breaking ices between them during mobilities.



Team Member

Ali is studying for a Master's Degree in Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy at Istanbul State University. He wants to become a talented and famous actor in the future. We are sure that he will succeed in this as he showed us how successful he is at acting and drama sessions during international mobilities. He has a very positive and optimistic personality. The formula for success for Ali: It consists of believing, working with determination, and keeping his heart good.

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Team Member

Gurban is an engineering master's student at Istanbul Technical University. He has experience in managing youth projects. His background in project managing, strategy, and creativity inform his mindful but competitive approach. He considers himself a 'forever student', eager to both build on his academic foundations in engineering and sociology and stays in tune with youth work to make the world a better place.

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Team Member

Shukufa is the youngest part of the Turkish team. She adores drawing, dancing, singing, taking pictures, and of course talking! She is always ready for talking, debating, knowing people’s opinions. So she might be studying Political Science for those reasons. She has a very friendly personality that people can enjoy having her around.



Team Member

Yasin is a civil engineering student at Middle East Technical University. He met Erasmus+ with FuturEurope at the beginning of 2019. After he decided to be a youth worker and started volunteering in FuturEurope and helping to organize international mobilities. He is super curious about different cultures. His new goal in Erasmus+ is to organize international projects. He is a creative, determined, and optimistic person. In addition, he loves doing sports, hiking, fishing, traveling, and learning new things.

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