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We are active in Trabzon since 2015. Our office and youth center is in Beşikdüzü.


We are active in Istanbul since 2012. We will open our official office in 2021 in Üsküdar.


We have 45 active partners from all around Europe. If you would like to be a partner for our local or international projects, we are waiting for you.

Steps to follow:

1)Prepare your latest PIF and write short info about your group. (maximum 250 words) 

2)Send it to (Subject: Partnership I Partner Name - EX: Partnership I Peace of Mind NGO)

3)We will have a ZOOM meeting to know each other.


If you think we are an appropriate partner for your project, we are ready to talk about partnership and share our expertise with you.

FUTUREUROPE: Neler Yapıyoruz?



FuturEurope creates a non-formal environment in which young people inspire each other and develop ideas to promote respect for human rights, freedom, and tolerance. 


A world in which all young people want to make the world a better and brighter place with their ideas. 

About Us

FuturEurope Youth Association was established in 2015 after 3 years experience in Boğaziçi University students club by a group of young people that would like to do something good for their country, society and people.

FuturEurope organizes and participates in local and international mobility activities to strengthen personal and professional development of young people through non-formal and informal learning techniques. FuturEurope team believes that participating in an international project helps young people to develop leadership skills, self-confidence, and a greater understanding of the complexities of the world around them.

FuturEurope was founded to promote a socially active and responsible society. It aims to support the poor and socially vulnerable groups of people by increasing their welfare. The aims of the association are achieved by developing educational, social and cultural and human rights related projects locally and internationally. At present, FuturEurope develops and implements mobility activities for young people who want to become socially active Turkish and European citizens and wish to acquire new knowledge and improve their skills to meet the labor market. The foundation has participated in some projects within Erasmus+ programs. The team consists of very active and highly motivated professionals of youth programs and initiatives, who are interested in the improvement of youth education and social inclusion, as well as in the development.

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