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Training Course

Activity Dates: 1 - 9 May 2018

Partner Countries: Austria, Estonia, Spain, Denmark, Malta, Italy, UK, and Turkey

Aim: The international training course “The World of Social Entreprise - a start-up training course in youth work on social entrepreneurship” aimed to empower and build up the competences of civil society organizations, youth workers, and youth leaders to initiate, support, and run social initiatives and projects based on community needs, with a focus on social entrepreneurship. The transversal aspects of the training course were the Erasmus+ program, professional and organizational development, and the fostering of new partnerships and projects. Another important consideration in the proposed project was to ensure a strong dimension of transfer of competences and learning points, as well as widespread dissemination and multiplication of the results.

The World of Social Entreprise: About Us
The World of Social Entreprise: Galeri
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